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Exposing the United States'
Genocide of Black Americans
A 4 Justice Radio Project
The Secret Civil Rights Law:  How to Protect Yourself from Racist Judges, Cops and Lawyers

Are you being denied services such as investigations and enforcement of your civil rights, in any of these areas?

  • housing,
  • employment,
  • court services,
  • legal services, and more?

Are you paying fines and fees to these entities - that you feel are illegal and that violate your civil rights? 

                   Then this class is for you!

Here's what you can learn when you take our course...


About the Court System...

*  Did you know that there are "tricks" the courts use to  
  get you to appear in front of a judge - when you don't  
  have to - which violate your civil rights?

  • We'll tell you how to spot them!

About the Police Force...

*  Did you know that police complaints are useless   
  against the police and why?

  • We'll tell you the most effective way to report police misconduct to help stop race-based police harassment!

About your State and Local Governments...

*  Did you know that state and local governments (and agencies)
   deny services to many black poor, elderly and uninformed?

  • We reveal your rights and how to discover the complaint processes that individuals are DENYING to you, that may entitle you to compensation.

***BONUS: Secrets Your Lawyer will NEVER Tell 
   You about Your Civil Rights and Law Suits!***

Questions and Answers about, "The Secret Civil Rights Law!"

Q:   Can you solve my problem now?
A:    No, we will provide you information for you to research and empower yourself to make the best decision and take the best action for your situaion.

Q:  Are you lawyers providing legal advice?
A:  No, we are writers and researchers. If you need immediate legal advice, please seek an attorney.

Q:  So, is this class valuable?
A:  Yes, we will provide you with:

  • "secret" information that's been withheld from the    public for over 50 years by the Federal, state and
       local governments to violate your civil rights based
       on race,

  • clear, concise processes that you can use to advocate for yourself, your family or loved ones, if you feel you've been victimized by racist authorities, and

  • practical strategies to help you publically expose  those who violted your civil rights due to racism

with the AIM to help PRODUCE JUSTICE in your matter.

DATE:  Saturday, January 20, 2018
  TIME: 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., EST (*)
  LOCATION:  Online conference call
(class duration is approximate*)
Questions about the course? 
email me
Class Rules:  We will...
  • Accept registrations/payment until January 19, 2018  at 11:00 p.m. EST
  • Provide class materials to the email address you provide at sign-up
  • Provide you with a phone number and conference code, please check to see if phone charges will apply, and
  • No refunds once we email class materials to you.
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